SoCalX Exploration and Adventure

Hometown: San Diego, California 

Sport: exploring, hiking, caving, bouldering, climbing, snorkeling/free diving and minecrawling

Follow their path: @_socalx_


SoCalX is a team of adventurers, based out of San Diego, CA, with a passion for exploring, hiking, caving, bouldering, climbing, snorkeling/free diving, minecrawling, and photographing the beauty of Southern California and beyond!

I started the group as a means of meeting other adventurers that want to go a little farther than just walking trails or whatever paint-by-numbers outings are popular. We pride ourselves in exploring places 99% of people will never see or appreciate, and come back with interesting stories and compelling pictures. 


Name: Tucker Saye

Age: 29

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

Sport: Motocross

Follow his path: @sayetucker


A life-long motocross racer, Tucker has competed at the highest level of the sport. Racing the AMA Outdoor Pro Motocross Championship with the best of the best from 2010 to 2014. Career highlights include an 18th place moto finish and 20th overall, as well as multiple "top 40 finishes" against the best racers in the United States. Now retired, he is an acting brand ambassador for Kompass Apparel and many other brands throughout the Colorado motocross community.


Proud Partner of Elite Dance Academy


Are you a hiker, biker, climber, fisher, surfer, skier, snowboarder, or other outdoor athlete? Would you like the opportunity to be a Kompass Apparel athlete? 

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